Co-course co-ordination and co-teaching of a 6 week course for undergraduates on the Public Health of HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

2014  Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Public Health students  6 weeks aboard course on HIV/AIDS in South African Context. (Volks C, Abrahams S and Reddy L)



Teaching on HIV and Infertility at the UCT Disability Colloquim and Workshop



Master's and PhD researchers from the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) in the US.

Teachers included Dr Jim McNamara, director of the Development and Alumni Department, on UCT's approach to fundraising; Cal Volks, director of HIV/AIDS Coordination at UCT, on the university's response to the pandemic; Professor Ian Scott, director of CHED's academic development programme, on policy and perspectives on higher education in South Africa.


2006-2009  Producing Social HIV/AIDS Change Agents.